My Usual Day

September 24, 2008
By Anonymous

I woke up this morning and, as usual, decided that it would be ok for me to sleep just a tiny bit longer, so I did. As always, my alarm clock went off about ten minutes later than it should have. So now I’m rushing to be ready for school on time, and dad isn’t helping by hurrying me along. “Well, I said, looks like I’m going to have to scrunch my hair after all.” Of course, I wasn’t too happy with that because I had wanted to straighten my hair. Later, I remembered about the football game, and I was even more upset. Anyway, I went to school and headed for English class and I’m happy to say that nothing catastrophic happened in that time period. English class was normal, but I was very happy that I was allowed to for most of the class time.

Headed from class to class, like I was now from English to Algebra 2, you’re likely to get bumped into by people who just aren’t willing to scoot over and there’s no room for you to because of how crowded the halls are. So, I got bumped into a couple of times, but am happy to report that I did not fall face first to the floor or trip on the stairs and fall over the rail. Well, algebra was fine and that’s about how the rest of my day went, except in French, of course. But, that is a story for another time.
After school I just went to the football game and I hung out with some friends. Our school won the game 14 to 8, no surprise there, and after that I just went home, ate, cleaned the kitchen, packed my bag, and finally got to lie down and sleep, which I had been waiting for all day.

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