Paint Attacked

September 23, 2008
Okay, so just now I have gone through a situation that is completely idiotic. Yesterday mom and I went shopping and she bought me a really pretty dress, along with a few other things, and was putting my clothes away. When we were talking about the strapless dress, we got to the point of the jacket.
My mom made the point of saying it would be a good idea for the convention, and the meeting I was planning on wearing it to tonight, if I found a pin to pin it together. I started looking and found one that was okay,yuck, if you understand. Then a few hours later I found another. However, this silver butterfly with red plastic jewels on it was missing one on its right wing. I looked for it, but hey . . . who can find a missing plastic stone that they’ve lost since they were in fifth grade?

So I pulled out the other red thing from the left wing with a butter knife, which got a weird look from my dad. That happens a lot. Then I went to my room to get some paint so I could paint it. The question was black acrylic or black oil? I chose oil because the acrylic was hard, dry, and well . .. messed up. When I squeezed it out . . . well of course it got on my hands. I had no idea that if you get your hands wet and then try to rub it off, it would spread!!! Hello? Oh well.

I went to the sink and started trying to wash it off. When my hands weren’t too black, maybe spotty and grey, I picked up the pin which I had taken with me and it accidentally slipped from my hands to the sink and some of the paint rubbed off into it. I started rubbing that, trying to now get the sink and my hands clean. Once I barely got any off. I kept rubbing at the sink and in one hand I got the blow dryer and began to try and dry the pin’s paint.

When set the pin up more so that I could blow dry it better, it began to move backward and it eventually fell off the side of the sink which made more paint rub onto the floor, bathroom rug and toilet bottom. The paint rubbed even more because, duh, hot air melts paint instead of making it harder . . . or dryer. Yeah so as you may have guessed already, the paint rubs with water. So I tried using toilet paper, which worked even though the darn stuff still smeared.

I eventually rubbed it away and ended up leaving the pin by the sink so there would be no more mishaps. The black junk still got on the underneath of the rug, but hopefully no one will find out. I ended up wearing the pin to the meeting though, and a few people liked it. Norma said she did, my friend whom I luv and will be my future neighbor.

Phew! Now to get back to my book that I’m writing. Gosh! I thank Harper Neal for the work she’s doing too, the editing and all. Anyways, I hope she likes the next part of it I send her. Night!

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