A Crazy Night

September 24, 2008
By Sean Carey, Jonesboro, AR

Although I have done many practical jokes before (by myself and with others), I think the best one that I took part in was on the way to Mo Ranch. About forty people from all around Arkansas were on a bus heading to Mo Ranch, which is a church camp near Hunt, Texas. Since we started from Little Rock, we could not make the drive in one day, so we spent the night in a church in Dallas. The last time we had gone, all the girls had pranked the guys, so this time we had to get back at them. The girls and guys were in different rooms, which made it easier. So, we all got cans of shaving cream and toothpaste and crept out into the hall separating the two rooms. What we didn’t know is that there were motion detectors in the hall, and as soon as we started across it, the lights went on, the alarm went off, and all heck broke loose! It turned out that the girls had been ready with shaving cream cans to get us when we came in, so they ran out and everyone was running around and spraying others. It was so crazy that some of us guys (myself included) were puking from swallowing shaving cream! We also had to clean up the church afterwards, but personally I think it was well worth it. That was one of the best nights of my life!

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