The Miner's Wife MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


It was one day after the day they were wed,

Down in the town near the Silverton mine,

That young Paul Greene and lovely Mary

Were forced to part for the very first time.

It was early in the morn when he waved farewell

And left his wife with a kiss and a sigh

To trudge uphill for a day in the mines

With the rest of the men from the town nearby.

An eerie calm settled over the town,

Rumble of earth when the sun was high.

The whistle screamed its call of death

As the walls of rock crushed the miners' cry.

All as one the women ran

Up the hill to the new-made grave.

As Mary called to the one she loved,

No sound or answer the rubble gave.

Mary fell to her knees and cried,

"My love is gone and I'm alone"

Hope was crushed when the miners died,

Buried deep in the coal and stone.

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i love this so much!


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