The Truth Is...

September 27, 2008
By Autumn Goodwin, Kapolei, HI

My friends say it's just a crush. After all, I don't really know you. I've never met you. But I can tell it's something more. Your face is on the cover of magazines and when I see those dark eyes of yours, my heart beats faster. You are adorable but that is not all I see. I look past the fame and glory. I see a person. A typical teenage guy with his dream coming true. A normal boy who is becoming a man. Someone with the toubles of life being documented for the world to read. Someone who could use a true friend to help him get through it all. I could be that friend if only I had the chance. I'm sorry I don't but I wish I did. I like you for who I think you are. Actually, the truth is...

I think I love you.

The author's comments:
This is really how I feel about someone and I'm sure there are others who have felt the same way before so I thought I'd write about it...

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