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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I have existed since time began, and I will live on forever more. I created the world, and I am the dictator of the days and nights. The rise of the sun and the coming of dusk belong to me, for I am the sun and all its brightness. Every day I rise from the dark realm of Tuat to light the world and hear the prayers of my people. I make my daily journey in my great boat across my wondrous kingdom. As the day is born, so am I, and as the day and my journey progresses, I age like so many others. I hear the cries of my holy, the pharaohs, and daily I grant gifts and mete out punishment. I make this journey every day as I have for eons and eons. I take strength in the knowledge of the great and unyielding faith of my people. It is this piousness that allows me to reward my people with great kings in their times of need. By serving them in this sense, I increase my own power over the peoples of my kingdom. I use this power to teach my greatest priests and followers, and encourage them to spread my teachings to all lands across the world.

At the close of the day, I finish my journey across my kingdom, and enter the dark underworld of Tuat. For you mortals, it is the time of peace from the day's toil. For me, it is the beginning of a trial that I have been enduring since time began. With the help of two great fish, Atbu and Ant, I travel across this land of darkness, giving air, food, and light to those souls unfortunate enough to be trapped within this pit of eternal despair. Before I leave Tuat every evening, the great serpent beast Apophis appears and tries to destroy me. I fight him each time, and each time I put him under a spell of holding, so he cannot move. Then my loyal followers lock him up in chains and hack him to pieces. This repeated victory allows me to begin my day's journey and start each day anew. On occasion, the evil serpent will escape my grasp and swallow my solar barque, causing what you mortals call an eclipse. It is not for long because I quickly restore order and the day is restored.

Every day of every year I make my thankless journey providing the sunlight necessary for life of the simplest form. I am the ruler of day and night, even time itself. When you hear my name you feel reverence and respect for me. For I am, Re, Lord of all Creation! n

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i love this so much!


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