Discrimination and what to do about it.

June 24, 2013
By JohnWelsh. SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
JohnWelsh. SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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All across the world there is discrimination from homophobia to racism. People like to pretend that this ended but sadly, they are wrong. because discrimination is still a common thing today. A common thing we all see today is homophobia, we see it on political advertisements when people such as Michele Bachmann say that marriage should be between a man in a women. But Bachmann does what many people do she uses her religion to hate against a specific group, this was also common during slavery people would use the religion they had to hate a specific group.

Today we also see hatred towards many religions like wicca, or Islam. Many wiccans are called satanist, but the fact is they don’t even believe in that demonic being in the bible. ManIslamic people are called terrorist because of AQaedada terrorist, but this isn’t true because many muslims are peaceful.

In my personal opinion it is not justly to hate against a specific group, It is better to be understanding and tolerant, than hateful and intolerant, I am sure many people would agree with me.

So I guess you are wondering how you can help someone who is being discriminated against?

You can start by not making hateful jokes. I know, Jokes are meant to be funny, however when you make a joke that attacks a specific group of people, thats not funny , but rather offensive.

Also if you see someone being discriminated against you can always try to be there friend and tell them that you don’t hate someone because of who they are.

If you are being discriminated against it is good to tell someone like an adult, or a parent.

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