Israel and Cyber Warfare

May 22, 2013
By YoniSpero BRONZE, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania
YoniSpero BRONZE, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania
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As many people heard in 2007 Israel bombed a Syrian base that they had threatened of having nuclear weapons which would put Syria in violation of the UN agreement they signed. People wondered why Israel bombed. After some investigation the UN found remnants of man made radioactive materials. Yet what really puzzled people was how could Israel slip through the recently updated billion dollar defense system Syria had? How could Israel send bombers past many radars without being picked up? Syria eventually discovered that Israel had hacked there radar and put on the screens what they wanted to. This gave the bombers the ability to slip past the Syrian anti aircraft technology because the technology had nothing to aim at. How did they do it- One idea is that Israel had an unmanned aircraft go into the airfield force first and simply distract and disable the Syrian radar long enough for the bombers to slip by unnoticed. Two is that an Israeli had compromised the Syrian defense and slipped a virus that would be undetectable and give Israel administrative control of Syrian radars for a short period of time. Three is that an Israeli would take over part of the Syrian network in a way that does not make sense to me but is apparently very hard and dangerous.
This is an early example to the uses of Cyber Warfare. Was it the bomber that truly stopped the creation of a nuclear weapons? In fact the bombers, planes, should have been easily stopped “… designed and first built in the 1970’s, were far from stealthy… should have lit up the Syrian radars like the Christmas tree illuminating New York’s Rockefeller Plaza in December. But they didn’t”. The credit for the bombing belongs to the cyber technology that Israel used. No matter how Israel was able to slip through the mission was flawless and opened up the door to many future operations. There are many other examples of attempts and success’s in using cyber warfare to win battles and wars.

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