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September 5, 2008
By Tony Turner, Westfield, IN

I am a very unique person with my own way of living. My name is Anthony but my real name is Anthony Salvador, yes I know that sounds very Italian. I guess you can say I have two names, but it is because when I was about 6 I got adopted by my step dad after he got married to my mom. Then we went through court because my mom wanted my sister and my last name to match hers. Therefore I got my middle name changed along with my last name because of my mom’s decision. I’m almost certain but I think when I turn 18 I am going to turn my name back to what is when I was born and that was the name the gave because that’s what I feel is right.
I’m almost full Italian as my heritage background goes but we don’t do many cultural things. On every Sunday we try to eat as a family and we will cook Italian like spaghetti or pasta and we always have the traditional bread and vinegar. As I come home Sunday afternoon I can walk through the door and smell the delicious food in the oven. I can’t wait to bit into the warm, soft bread and dip in the sweet but tart vinegar that makes it so delicious. We use to go to church every Sunday, but two years ago we decided just to go on holidays as a big family. I’m kind of glad we don’t go to church that anymore because I do motocross and that’s always on Sundays, so it’s a good and bad thing.
I think it is cool to be Italian because not many people are like almost full like me. Therefore my dad is full Italian and my mom is almost all Italian and very little amount of German. When I was young and my mom was still with my dad we took trips to Italy to visit some of my family over there, I mean its cool I have been to Italy but I was way too young to remember anything. Maybe sometime this year my mom, sister, and I plan on taking a trip to see everyone because my sister is leaving for college in October.

I was born at St. Vincennes hospital on June 5th, 1992 at approximately 2:48 a.m. I lived in Fishers my whole life, but we did move 4 or 5 times but just to bigger houses somewhere else in Fishers. My tradition of living there is what it became and it finally ended when my mom was meet to her fiancé and we moved to Westfield when I was 15. It was kind of a big change since I have lived in Fishers for quite some time and it was like apart of my culture. I knew all the kids from about anywhere from 8 years to the new kids in school.
Then I moved here to Westfield last trimester in 8th grade because my mom wanted me to meet kids before I got into High School. I have meet a lot of cool people and I have a lot of good friends now but I still wish I could have stayed and graduated with all of my friends that I had been with for years and years of my life. It has been really tough for me to try and get back what I had in Fishers but I think here it will be much better. I know down in my heart I miss where I lived and how I was hanging with my friends all the time and I was very popular kid that everyone liked. Over here it is much more laid back though and I’m starting to like it better. It has helped me become a friendlier person and I have met a lot of good friends that I can myself still being friends with when I’m older.

My family is really big on making holidays a family bonding time. It is really fun and makes the holidays more exciting depending on what holiday it is. Usually on Christmas Eve we hangout with my whole family over at my grandparents house and we have a family dinner. Everyday I can still hear my grandma singing Christmas carols while she cooks. It is really embarrassing when my sister and I bring our girlfriend/boyfriend, but then I just think this is what makes our Christmas special. Then after we eat my grandmother’s amazing cooking, we open gifts from the rest of the family then shortly after that we all leave to head home for the night. When we get home it is tradition for my mom, sister, and I to make hot chocolate and then we lay around in the family room and watch Santa Claus and other traditional Christmas Movies.

Pretty much my whole life it has been my mom, sister and I because my mom has had bad luck on relationships. My real dad and my mom were married for 8 years then they got into a divorcé when I was 4 and my sister was 6. It was rough times for my mom, I know that, but I was really young and it didn’t affect me that much till I much older and understood everything. After that all happened we made a pact that it was just us, the three musketeers for life. About 3 years went by after that and she brought home a new guy and when I was 8 and my sister was 10 she got married to who was my step dad for about 6 years. Then he left us and it became the three musketeers again. My mom then brought home this guy named Shane who ruined my family. The only good things to come out of him were I got into motocross, meet my best friend, and brought my family closer together to get rid of him. We moved to Westfield because of him but he turned out to be a huge loser so I and my sister desperately didn’t want her to marry him like she wanted too. To this day it was about 3 months ago that they broke up and my life is just now starting to get better.

All in all to wrap up this story I have had a pretty rough life and I know some kids have had it worse but it has been really bad for me. My life is starting to get better but I can’t help but think about all the bad times I have had in my life. I know everyone faces challenges in there life and it eventually makes them a better person so though this all I defiantly think it will help me in the end. I hope from this day forward that life only gets better for me. I love my life even though there have been some rough times in it, but in the end it will all just make me a better person when I grow up.

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