September 23, 2008
By Hannah Wellman, Seattle, WA

Every one has to deal with things and they put it to side weather it would be straight or bi. We all have difficulties. We all face things that we have to go through every day. We all aint the same way we know we have problems and we just can’t take it someday were gonna have to face it all. Or maybe smash are hands in to a wall. Don’t take it that drastic. Just listen to what I got to say being in front of the school is hard for me to deal with but it’s gonna have to work your gonna have to trust me. We all have people who call us ugly even when were beautiful and then again we all have people who don’t like us because we are a different race. I am not saying this to offend if you just listen to what I have to say you will listen to this here poem and see what is going on I am not going to make this to long I am going to make this short and to the point. We all have things that we face and go through and we all have things that we don’t want to deal with. The lord once said let there be light and there was. If you just have light into your life and light the path of the righteous. When you are sad come to me when you are happy go to some one else I only want to deal with the sad and the weak because that is the only way to go.

When you sit down in a corner all alone because there is no one there to talk to or you are just to shy. To sit at that table that special table. Those’ tables were there are people who are in your life but you never talk to them. I wouldn’t call this a poem I would call it an inspiration. What I am saying is so true in many ways and we have to learn from it some day and one day we will sit there pondering about are life and then think about the words that I have given you, you are probably wondering when is this girl going to stop giving me a lecture about life. Well I have something to tell you this isn’t a lecture this is the truth now I am finally done so thank you for your time.

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