Midnight tear

September 24, 2008
By Allison M., Flower Mound, TX

12:00 a.m.

A faint meow and hiss was heard, rining out into the dead silent, black velvet cloaked night. A girl, only the petite age of 10, moaned, and sat up heavily in her soft white cotton sheets, her eyelids were still droopy. Turning her head to the window, she attempted to open the blinds, but fell back into her deep sleep. The moon shines tinting her cotton sheets indigo, as the night passes on.

4 a.m.
Shaken awake by her mother, the girl tries to shoo her mom off with her hands. When she does this, the mother steps back,
"You need to come to your brother's room right now." her voice cracking, as her eyes were wet. The girl looked at her mom's solemn face with confusion.

5 a.m.
The girl and her brother lay on the same bed, next to their dying cat. The mother stood looking down at her two crying children.
"He was attacked by a dog...we left him outside all night." she explained in a soft voice.
"I'll take him to the vet."

Later that week:

The family...put him down.

The author's comments:
I decided to take an unusual twist on writing a sad story. Instead of filling it with details, I put down facts, but in a stor-like way. This is based on a true story, in this story I was the girl, if you didn't figure that out by now. :] But when we put down my cat, Motley, I felt like a chunk ot of my heart went missing. After his death, a couples years later, the dog that attacked him, lived on our street, the dog was run-over by a car.

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