I Love Her

September 19, 2008
By Alex Rivera, Boise, ID

I can remember my eyes all of a sudden open as wide as they have ever gone before. It was very dark but I could still see a slight glow of the candle nightlight under the closed door of my Pooh Bear room. My Pooh room had to be the coolest room ever for a 5 year old! It had all the characters you could ever dream of! It was AWESOME!
I got up out of bed and when I did I heard something that I though was reindeer on the roof? I went to the living room to see only a note and three dog beds when I only have two dogs. I read the note as best as I could it said “Alex I have gave you this dog named Macy she is sweet, loving and will hopefully fill your heart”, she did!
The next morning I woke up to a wet, slippery, flat, tongue coming from a 2 month old little puppy named Macy. I was so excited the first thing I did was held her till my arms were sore from the weight of her little round body! I thought I was the happiest little 2nd grader on the whole planet.
Macy is a very special dog and has gone through a lot. She has moved to three different houses the first was my house in Nampa, then to my Nana’s in Boise until we got our own house. Then when my parents got divorced we had to move to another house, now we are moving back in with my Nana. She has never really been in any danger while I have had her and hopefully never will.

She is a miniature schnauzer; she has black and some gray soft silky hair. She has little legs and a little tail. Two little cute ears and one big wet nose. She has to be the softest, cutest dog I’ve ever seen.

She is still my dog from this day to hopefully to the time she is ready to go someplace better. That would have to be the best present in the world not only to have a new dog but to have a dog that loves me!

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