Getting Rusty

September 17, 2008
Driving down the road I was so excited I was almost jumping out of my seat. We were on the way to go pick up my new puppy.
“How much longer?” I asked my mom over and over again.
“Until we get there,” she said.
I had previously asked Santa for a puppy for Christmas. I was told all the responsibilities that came with a dog many times. I was staring out the window watching the pine trees go by, seeming so slowly. It was very cold outside and I was hoping my puppy was nice and warm.

After what seemed like ages my family and I finally pulled into the driveway where my puppy was. It was a big, brown house with red shutters. “They are all brown, black and white,” my dad told us. We decided to name our puppy Rusty. Since it was me who asked for him, I got to pick which one we got. I was rushing my family out of the car so we could go see the beagles. I could hear barking.

There they were all tiny, curled up in a box together wrapped in blankets. There were 6 of the all together, all boys. 5 of them looked a lot the same, brown and black. There was only one different and he was the biggest. He had a brown and white face, with a black body and white legs. His black tail had a little white tip on the end.

I immediately wanted him and he seemed perfect. I walked over to him and started petting him. He brushed up against me, then got up and went to my dad. He sat down right in front of him and wagged his tail. My family all liked him the best. My brother and I played with him, while my dad talked to someone about getting him.

We took turns holding Rusty in the car. He was so little, and was whimpering, probably missing his parents and brothers.

When we got home we took him into the garage and showed him his new home. We had prepared him a big stack of blankets for him, toys, food, and water. He was so nervous he skidded across the concrete like a crab. I played with him until I had to go to bed.

The next morning I rushed out of bed to go visit him. I also had to clean up after him and take care of him. As soon as he woke up and ate, I took him on a walk to go show my friend Chelsea. We played with him for a real long time until he got tired, so I took him home to take a nap.

I had gotten a great dog. He was exactly what I wanted, and he loved to play with me. He was the best Christmas gift I had ever gotten.

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