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June 4, 2013
By JohnWelsh. SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
JohnWelsh. SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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Propaganda has been known to affect people. You see Propaganda on TV, at the store, on street signs. But do you actually Know how it affects you?

When you are watching let’s say a Tv show, and a commercial for Mcdonalds airs, It compels you to want to go to mcdonalds, why is this ? Because you’re thinking something like the lines of

“Well it’s on tv so it must be true”

However that is a false thought because most propaganda is not true. Propaganda has this thing called spin, it will spin data, statements or ideas.

In politics they use propaganda all the time. Every president has used propaganda because lets be honest, how many americans really want to hear the truth. Americans want drama, and many of them want to be manipulated.

I’m not saying that all propaganda is bad, in fact If there was a propaganda Ad telling us to eat our fruits and vegetables I believe many of us now would be eating them. I am writing this article so you can know what propaganda is and how to deal with it.

The best thing to do is to take everything with a grain of salt, and look into it for yourself. Don’t trust anyone with propaganda until you research the data or “fact” they have given you.

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Just wanted everyone to know about propaganda

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