An Extraordinary Woman

February 15, 2008
By lisa zkiab, Westlake, OH

A five foot six inch tall woman with big brown eyes and light thick auburn curly hair. Her face, naturally golden with little freckles everywhere. Her cheeks so rosy with a big bright beautiful smile that truly lights up a room. This woman is not only a wife and a mother; she is a person who no matter what will put other people’s wants and needs before hers. I honestly have never seen anyone mind so much about other people more than she does. The people in her life could not ask for anything more. For example, her husband comes home from work to find a homemade dinner set on the table every night. She never forgets dessert either! Whenever he needs anything, she is there to give it to him with compassion and kindness. Not to mention taking care of her four children, all ranging from preschool to kindergarten to middle school, and all the way up to the high school. She always knows how to do millions and billions of things all at once. From the second her children wake up, to the second they lay their heads on their pillow at night, their mother is there to feed them, educate them, help them, and most importantly, love them unconditionally. She also has this tremendously weird way of knowing if something is wrong with her family without anyone telling her anything. Whenever they ask her how she does it, she simply replies saying “Oh it’s just a mother thing, I know everything about my family- doesn’t that scare you?” The one thing about her that everyone loves is her ability to give the best advice she could possibly give you. Even though it might not be what you want to hear at that moment, you know deep down it is the right thing to do.

As you could tell from what I have told you about this woman, you can conclude that she is just an all-around genuine person. I am so proud to call this woman my mother! I don’t know what I would do without her at all. I would be completely lost. She is not only my mother; she is my best friend that I could tell anything to. My number one goal in my life is to become half the person she is. To be a wife and a mother like her would bring me great satisfaction. As for right now, I am going to continue to learn from her because I have come to realize there is always something I would learn form her.My mother is an extraordinary woman and I love her to death.

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