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   Not to pick on Chrissy Wiest, but knowing that you have a job does absolutely nothing for me or the way I think. It is totally boring to hear about how you go to work every day and are a staff trainer or whatever. I have a job, as do thousands of other kids, but I don't go around telling everyone about a boring day at work. Kids today want to hear about issues that face them and kids their age (i.e. teen pregnancy, suicide, life on the streets). The object of this paper is not only to entertain teens, but also to help them deal with the struggles of adolescence.

This feedback goes to the editors of the paper as well. The editors need to choose monthly topics that are more important issues in all of our lives.

Chrissy, not to rip you apart, but next time, try to relate to the issues that kids everywhere are dealing with. Whether it be drugs or suicide, try to entertain us all, but also try to help those kids out there who are reading the paper at the same time they're taking hits off a joint, or feeding their child or lying there with a knife close by in case the world overcomes them. Try to help these kids cope with these struggles. -

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i love this so much!


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