Maybe it won't all be bad

September 12, 2008
By Anonymous

Technically I have a learning disability. But no one but a few school officials, my parents and I know. No one needs to know. I mean for God's sake, I'm in pre-advanced placement classes, and in my school's accelerated program.

Does that scream learning disability to you?

It doesn't to me.

I have one friend who knows. Only because she's LD too. She (let's call her Jane) was in my special class in elementary school, and then in middle school we both got special help sheets in science.

I didn't need the help I got in middle school, but I took it as an easy way out of some work.

Now I'm in high school and no one is offering me help. And I think I may seriously need help. I made a 64% on a science test and a 61% on a Algebra test.

I don't have any clue what this school year will bring. But I don't think it will all be good, but maybe it won't all be bad.

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