September 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Today was the day the day for me to open my heart. It was Saturday September 7th, 2008 I had to wake up today earlier than usual for the weekend. The class started at noon and the shelter was about fifteen minutes away. All I needed today was my step dad to say Ok he was skeptical about this whole foster program he thought we were going to get attached to the dog. He finally gave into it our dog needed a buddy. This class lasted three hours but was only supposed to last one.

We went in the door of kennel C. WOW!!! It was loud there was a disturbing smell of dog poop, It reminded me of the Wednesdays when the garbage truck comes. I looked at every dog in there feeling sorry for them. My life was so perfect compared to them. I had a warm bed to sleep in and a family who cared and loved me. They had no one and nothing they sat in a kennel all day with no exercise and they were scared .They needed someone to show them they were wonderful dogs! I was here to do just that and so excited to do it!
We took out the first dog she was ok but he ripped our arms of as we struggled to direct her on the short leash. We put her back in the kennel she was so cute there was no doubt she would be adopted in the next week. As we rounded the corner it seemed like the barking was gone there was a black furry dog sitting it the corner. His eyes were a mocha chocolate brown. We opened the door took him out to the lawn. Some of the people from the class were there they were playing with their dogs as well. Dang this one was not a fit either we asked the people next to us if they wanted to trade they gladly did. My heart stopped I had not gotten a good glimpse of their dog. He had milk chocolate eyes the kind that made my heart melt. He looked like a golden retriever only black. We played fetch with him he was perfect. When we said come. He came. He also responded to his name.
“Mom this is the one we have to foster him” I said
“I don’t know ask your step dad” my mom said.
“Bedar what do you think he will get along with Cooper and Ruby I know it” I exclaimed
“He is very sweet we will see how he does” Bedar answered
I cut him off by saying “I know but if he doesn’t fit we have to return him” “Yes!!!!!!!” I screamed so loud it was like there was a earthquake.

I felt so good I saved a dog from being wiped from existence. Don’t you think it’s sad to see any living thing die? It is so sad to see a young wonderful animal just have their life taken away from them. It makes tears come to my eyes every time I think about it, dogs have feelings and lives they have to live. The dog being put down could probably have helped humans. Imagine how sad the people putting the dogs down must be. Now if you look at humans most of us don’t have our lives threatened.
So that day we left the gigantic green shelter with warmth in our hearths. When we got home we introduced Lucky to Cooper and Ruby, he got along great with both. I knew we made a good choice by picking him. I went to bed soundly that night.

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