Deep Waters

September 23, 2008
By Kristina Lor, Battlefield, MO

It was about six or five years ago that I had my first near death experience. It was so unexpected because I was surrounded by the people I loved and trusted the most. However, it was partly due to my impulsive and over confident behavior that led me to my near fatal fall. It always happens whenever a person lowers their guard that the waves attack.

The afternoon sun shone against the clear blue skies that had no clouds to mask its glory. It glowed and heated upon my wet back and was a contrast to the cool waters that rippled against my waist. My family and I were enjoying the summer day at a lake. This was a rare occasion for us to be there, now that it had grown so populated with vacationers who were also enjoying the suns’ hot rays. I was eager to show off my floating abilities to my cousins who were also here. There were kids playing in the sand making sand-castles and a bunch were swimming just like me.
My older sisters and cousins were near me and I felt safe, until I decided to head out for the deeper waters. “Cindy, come with me,” I commanded my older sister. I was still a little frightened, but excited, so I needed another supporter by my side. She was hesitating, but she came with me. Once the water reached our necks, Cindy warned, “Don’t go any further, you don’t know how to swim.” At that, a sudden burst of rebellious streak emerged and I snapped, “Fine scardey-cat, I’ll go by myself.” I was not about to let anyone stop my fun. I took a step forward and then another on my tiptoes. The current was strong but I grounded myself. I turned and open my mouth to brag to Cindy that I went farther than she did. Big mistake; as I twisted myself I lost my balance and my face went underneath the water. I swallowed a big amount of the nasty swimming water. However, I jumped up and tried to yell for help. I succeeded in gasping for help and losing more air as I quickly fell into the water again. I struggled to lift my face to the sky to breathe but each time I jumped the current took me further and further from the shore. My tears mingled with the dark depths and water sharply went up my nose as I submerged under again. My mind was on panic mode and I thought I was going to drown with so many people around me.

Suddenly someone grabbed me and lifted me up. I gasped for air and coughed out water. My savior and I bobbled to the shore. My eldest cousin had noticed me furiously trying to call for help and came to save me from drowning. She had an iron grip on my waist as if she was afraid the waves would swallow me up again. She dragged me to the shallow waters and did not let go of me until we reached the shore. After that, I was scared and shivering. I was afraid to enter the greedy waters again so I wrapped myself in a towel and stayed on land. That was the end of my fun for the day.
I have never told my parents about this; only those on the beach know. The strange thing is, despite all that happened I don’t dislike swimming. I learned how to swim a few years later and love to swim even though I almost drowned. The memory is not as traumatizing to me and I have learned to respect powerful waves that can swallow a person up. Fear is only deadly if you let it be.

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