My Wishes

September 22, 2008
When I was young I began passion for music. I play guitar and flute. I deafeningly love guitar. Rock and metal is the best of all, life. Without it life would be miserable .I love the jungle to. It’s so majestic and exiting. I want to own a place in Brazil rainforest. Ids like to go on a spirit quest and find something cool and rare. That’s what’d like to do before I push daisies’ or kick the bucket. And I have a long time to live so…….. Party on!!!  . One problem though is that it’s going to cost a lot of money. Better pay attenci0onm in school! . It’ll all be worth it because, sometimes though bumpiest roads in life lead to the top. Ill accomplish this with 20 years or so…….. Maybe. And if I go I better watch out fo9r my life. Crazy things happen in the jungle over time. But I hope I see a jaguar or another wild critter because it would be amazing and a great story to tell everybody. So if one day you see me in Brazil riding in a jeep with a telescope listening to van halen don’t be surprised.

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