Flying Lessons

September 22, 2008
By Alea Cross, Boise, ID

One summer day about three years ago, my friend Tiffany and I walked to my

other friend Joey’s house like we did almost every day.

He would usually meet us in his back yard but sometimes we had

to wake him up. We didn’t have to that day because he was already jumping on the tramp with my

Brother Seth. So Tiff and I took off our shoes and joined in. Joey has a big sister and so do I and they

were best friends.

Then Jordan, my sister, and Rosalie, Joey’s sister, came out to jump to, so it was a full

Tramp. So we made a deal that partners of two each get ten minutes. So Tiffany and I were after Seth

and Joey. Seth and Joey’s time was up so then me and Tiff hoped on. I was trying to make my ten

minutes worth it. But I wouldn’t call what I got fun. I was jumping then all of the

Sudden I stole Tiffany’s bounce! And then I woke up on the ground! And the first thing I saw when I

Opened my eyes were a pile of bricks, right in front of me, and if I went just a little farther I would of

Really hurt myself! The weird thing is I didn’t hurt anywhere, and everyone else was still jumping

and didn’t even notice that I had flown of the tramp!

As I stood up and brushed myself off then Joey noticed, “Dude did you fly off?” he asked. “It took

You long enough to notice!” Then he started to laugh like crazy. But then he made sure I was ok. And

I made sure that I didn’t steal anyone’s bounce because last

Time I checked I didn’t come here to take flying lessons, because im no superman.

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