September 22, 2008
“NO!!!!!!!!!!!!” My mom just told me that we are moving to Boise!
“Mom, why are we moving? We are so happy here in Idaho City.”
“Because are whole family lives up there and I don’t like it here because there is no bank, no pharmacy, and I hate driving 1 hour to Boise just to get that stuff,” said my mom.
“But mom all my friends are up here and I don’t want to leave them.”
“We will miss her and then I have to find a new friend,” said my friend Niki.
“Well that’s too bad because we are leaving in two days.” “Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Lisa, Uncle Todd, Jake and Wade are coming to help us move tomorrow.”
“But mom, what if I don’t want to move?” “Hey! I have and idea! I’ll live with Niki. I’m sure her mom wouldn’t mind, Will she Niki?”
“I don’t think that she would because she loves you doesn’t she?”
“Guys, there will be no one moving except for us to Boise. Now go start packing your bags. Niki can help you.” “In the mean while, I will be packing some of the dishes.”

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