All the Times I've Crashed

September 22, 2008
By Cedric Vengetachalliam, Boise, ID

They say you tell a lot about a person by the way they act. What about me. I’ve crashed so many times in so many ways that you couldn’t tell who I am. I’ve crashed bad, good, crazy, neatly, on purpose, but the worst crashed wasn’t on a bike or in a car it was by jumping in a hotel in Colorado.
One day my mom, sister and I were in a hotel. I was about five years old. My sister was about four when this happened. My sister and I were jumping on the bed. I jumped and missed the bed and hit the bar. I yelled oh as loud as I could! I had cracked my head open. I had to get surgery on my head. They gave me something that made me fall asleep. I had six stitches. When I woke up I asked where I was I. Then they tolled me that I was at the hospital. So all in all I’ve had a bad crash.

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