The Worst Day Ever

September 22, 2008
A tragic nightmare, last day of the boys and girls club, as the talent show was coming to an end I hear screeching in the parking lot. My mom came dashing into the room, panting like crazy. When only 10 minutes before I had gotten a bad feeling something was wrong. My mom grabbed my arm and was yanking me to the car, still not knowing what was going on. Speeding down Chinden my mom begins to say “dad… he he …fell of the ladder.” We both begin to cry.
As we pulled into the parking lot of St. Alphonsus, practically running into the car next to us, mom not caring about other people at the moment. We ran as fast as possible to room 110. I remember my dad screaming in pain. Nurses and doctors rushing in and out in and out he hadn’t eaten yet so he was really hungry they wouldn’t let him eat because it might have screwed up the system. I stayed at the hospital that night in a comfortable bed. Often I would get woken up from the sound of sirens of the ambulance from drunk driving and accidents mostly. The next afternoon I went to the second level to have some breakfast and let me tell you it was the best breakfast I have had.
A couple days later my dad was moved up to the 3rd floor, I can’t remember what it was called. Mother and I had been back to the house and visited dad every day. One of the worst things that was wrong was my family and I were homeless. Sometimes my dad would try to pull of trick like smoking in the bathroom.

One day mom came to get me from a friend’s house early and told me that dad went into emergency surgery. They had found a blood clot that was preventing him from walking. They put him under and they relised that they would have to put a metal pin in his back.

A little ways after the surgery his health started to progress and he was slowly starting to walk again and I would use his wheelchair to mess around with. Now if you remember I was homeless and couldn’t find a house. School was coming up so all of our money was going to that. The hospital said that dad needed a stable place to rest so the rented a nice little apartment/hotel room for us. Since mom was working my friend from the homeless shelter came every day to entertain me and we would go to the store like 3 times a day to get food because my mom was working and my dad was in pain.
In about October we had gotten a house on our own and my dads work mans comp started coming in. Slowly my life started to go back into normal motion again. Then things started right back up again.

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