Spider Cave

September 21, 2008
By kellie johnson, Springfield, MO

Every year as late July turns into early August my family and I go camping with our family friends the Petrols Kurt, Kim, and their mother Judy. We were camping up north at a place called Pomme De Terre. We arrived by noon and shortly after the Petrols arrived; after everything was unpacked, Kim and I walked down by the lake side. As we walked we talked about the classes we were going to take, how are summer had been, and so on. When we got to the swimming area there wasn’t a set boundary of how far we could go, and the lake stretch across about one mile until it hit a cliff. As I was observing the cliff I notice a whole in the wall of the cliff.

“I think there might be a cave in the cliff,” I said as I wondered how deep the water was around the cliff. Kim gazed at it for a while. I wondered how big it was, and if it was possible to swim to the other side. But we thought that it would be impossible to swim that far, and thought nothing more of it. After checking out the rest of the camp ground we went back to our camp site, for dinner. The rest of the night we sat around and talked.

The next morning everyone was up by eight after eating our breakfast our mom’s pushed us away to go swimming. The bottom of the lake was covered in mud, with the water was clear, and cool. We floated for a while on bright circular tubes, and soaked up the sun. The lake was pretty empty except for a few other people that came and went. As time went by we notice that some people were going pretty far out in the lake. After a full on mud fight, and some lunch, we drifted some more in the water. It wasn’t until we were half way out in the lake that we noticed the water was still pretty shallow.

“What if we swam all the way to the Cliff,” I said, kidding around not thinking that anyone would go along.

“It’s not that far, we could go,” replied my sister Shannon.

“Yeah there’s nothing else to do we should just check it out,” Kim said excitedly. With everybody agreeing to go we started off.

We swam with our tubes so that we could be seen and rotated on who would pull us. The lake was pretty shallow all the way across, and it was a pretty easy swim. When we reached the cliff the current was pretty strong and kept pulling us away from the cave. We floated around until we found a clear, safe opening where we could go in the cave at. Once we found a safe clearing we took our tubes and laid it on a flat part of the rock. Shannon peaked her head in the cave, and then took a step; Kim also took a step in right after Shannon, while I was still on ledge. When I put my hand on the cliff, I felt something crawl on my hand, and that was when I realized that the whole wall was covered in daddy long legs. All the sudden I scream!

“The walls are covered in spiders!” I yelled. Shannon and Kim who were in the cave started to freak out. Kurt, who was behind me, was pushing more and more off the ledge.

“Go!” Kurt screamed as I was looking for a spot to jump but there were rocks everywhere. Shannon and Kim, freaky out even more, and were pushing Kurt into me, so I had to jump. I grabbed my tube and then jumped; I landed right on a rock, and scraped my knee. A hurt knee didn’t stop me from swimming the fastest that I ever did in my life. When we made it back to shore we were still were out of our minds about the spiders, and still haunts me to this day. I learned that adventures might not always turn out the way you expected and always be a little cautious.

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