National Harvest Festival

September 21, 2008
Fall had arrived in full swing. It was just about the time when the Jonathan apples on the trees in the backyard were coated in a skin as red as blood. The leaves were all turning a soft yellow and vibrant orange, and on the weekend when I was about eight my family had the urge to mosey on down to Silver Dollar City.

My mom piled us all in the car and she could not wait to go see the hand made craft especially the turquoise Indian jewelry. On the way to Silver Dollar City I was not feeling very well. My stomach was gurgling and I had chills. I just wanted them to go away because I wanted to have a blast at the park. I could not stop thinking about the horrendous feeling in the pit of my stomach, so I asked my mom to stop at the McDonalds to go use the restroom. I thought to myself, “just maybe if I can use the restroom my stomach will not hurt as bad!” Well even after using the restroom my stomach still hurt and I continued on my way toward the park.

As soon as I arrived inside Silver Dollar City I was intrigued by a basket weaver. I loved the way his hands had to work in a certain pattern to create his masterpiece. My mom hurried me along because she wanted to get some taffy at the taffy shop. She ended up buying a bag and filled it to the brim with assorted red, pink, green, and yellow ones. On the way out of the door I grabbed a free sample and it was a very chewy banana one. Then my parents wanted to go see a tribal dance and other Indian dances in the carousel barn. The whole barn was jammed packed with people from top to bottom. My dad wanted a good seat so I sat in my dad’s lap on the floor in the very front, and left my mom and brother in the back. Only a couple minutes into the show my stomach was upset and started to twinge and mangle. I could feel the banana taffy rising up my esophagus! All of a sudden I threw up mashed and chunky banana taffy all over the floor. Everyone was staring at me and I wanted to find my mommy! I cut through a lot of people who seemed like giant trees to me and finally found my mom. Crying, I told her about my accident and continued to say how much I wanted to go home. My mom guided me out of the barn and the next minute I was throwing up again, but this time in a trash can. As I walked out of the park a lady saw that I could not stop throwing up and offered me some baby wipes to help clean up my face. We walked back to the car and I slept the whole way home. I found out that I had the stomach flu.

This instance was probably one of the most embarrassing moments in my life and after that day I did not want to go back to Silver Dollar City ever again. It has only been since last year that I finally recovered and went to the National Harvest Festival. To this day I am still paranoid about being at the harvest festival and throwing up all over the place.

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