September 20, 2008
By Corinne Herman SILVER, Camarillo, California
Corinne Herman SILVER, Camarillo, California
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Some people are two faced mirrors. You know the kind. The ones with the face they use to fool. Who look up with bambi eyes and say who me couldn't be. And if you tell them you want it a certain way, they'll pretend they agree with you, pretend that they value your opinion. When really it's just one side you're seeing, only one dimension of a multidimensional entity.
Until one day they forget that they're pretending to care what you think, and they flip. The acid lashes out and erode away so you can see what's behind all the lies. And as soon as it's in the light, there's no going back. The double mirrored face pretends like you didn't witness the truth of its being. Falls to the ground to get you to believe it. Uses words like God and forever and maybe believes them as it speaks, but not a week later, not five seconds later.Those people who make promises they can't keep, who commit themselves to do more than they ever will. Who fall on the feet of those with true hearts, begging them for a second chance, knowing inside that it doesn't matter, first chance or second because, no they didn't do anything disgraceful, anything wrong.

And then when those bambi eyes realize they're not gunna get any sympathy, they whip around and show the whole picture. Because, you see, you're no longer one to fool. It's then that you see it: your reflection shining in the double face mirror. The mistake you made believing this person that only reflects the worst in you. Your double face. Your lies.
These people, they teach you more about yourself than you've ever learned from someone who actually cared. And yet they learn absolutely nothing. They never change. Just flip and flip. And reflect.
I hate people like that.

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