The True Key to Life

September 19, 2008
By Jacquelinne Tobar, Houston, TX

I looked into the doctor’s eyes and felt as if I had been punched in the stomach, I turned to look at my brother and mother and I saw that my brother was struggling on how to react to what he had just heard and ,my mother just sat frozen in her chair. “I am very sorry” said the doctor. she spoke to us a bit more and then she left to go prepare some things that she needed to do. After she left, we all turned to look at each other and I could see that we were all struggling with our inner selves.

We had just learned that the kidney that my brother had gotten in a transplant in the year 2000 was now failing in the year of 2004. This meant that my brother would have to go back to dialysis and go three times a week to the hospital for treatment , this meant that we would no longer have a normal life, this meant that all the problems we thought had gone would be coming back to haunt us like the monsters that would pick themselves up after you had thought you had killed them in your nightmares.

Our lives changed for ,I would say, the worse. We couldn’t go on vacations, my brother couldn’t go to school like normal kids and there was a icy cold wind that surrounded all in our family. In the first couple of weeks it felt as if the Tobar household had been turned into a household of robots. I would say that my brother was the most withdrawn of all. All his energy was gone. happiness faded in and out of our lives.
As the months went by I looked into my inner self and searched for the true key to life.
what was it that would make the problems go away? What was it that would make our pain fade away? What was it that would let us regain the life we had loved so much? As the summer faded away and winter came I saw that my parents were adjusting themselves to our new life , I felt anger for I wanted to be able to adjust but I seemed to be frozen in time in my new life and I knew the only thing that would break me free of the trance was the key to life. I do not know for how long I searched, but I was about to give myself up to despair when I realized something ..
my brother was back! He would tease me and play video games and he acted as if nothing could be wrong. I realized that the key to life was not a way that you could make your life the way you wanted it to be,

Because life is unfair that is just the truth of it. I finally realized that the key to life was the way you handled the obstacles that life threw at you. If you let them run you down and make you give up then you would be frozen in a state of mind that would never let you experience happiness. If you went against that obstacle with a will that will never break then you would see that even in your worse situation there could be some happiness and fun. You just have to believe that everything will be alright and even if it doesn’t turn out good then it isn’t a reason to give up it is a reason to try harder. Don’t think its all over, because its not.

It has been four years since my brother lost his kidney, and we have gone through very hard obstacles what with my brother having a seizure attack on Christmas of 2005, giving my dog away in 2008, my mom not matching with my brother to give her kidney in the month of may 2008 and many other things that have caused us much pain. But one thing that I have known for these past years is that there is and will never be anything that I won’t be able to surpass. Many times I have thought that it was better to give up and admit that maybe there was something out there that I couldn’t surpass. But every time I thought like this I was reminded of my brother who fights for his life everyday and who always has such energy and a sprit of such determination that it inspires me to never give up. I have had a great deal of obstacles and pain thrown at me and I have always thought that for some odd reason the world was acting against me and I felt as if I were fighting a war to have the perfect life I wanted but, at last I feel at peace with my world for I have finally found out what the true key to life is.

The author's comments:
This is written in deication of my older brother Gustavo

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banana said...
on May. 7 2009 at 1:29 am
What you, your brother, and your family went through could make an extremely powerful and moving story. I LOVE the thoughts, ideas, and messages behind this, but I think they could be portrayed even stronger. Maybe try to focus more on your brother's condition and how that affected you. When you finally realize that your brother is "back," describe how you felt. This is the climax in the story and should be more emphasized. Otherwise, great start!


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