Isabel and Elena

September 19, 2008
By Brooke Gennings, Vine Grove, KY

This story is a tale of fate and of search, but one thing it’s not is a sorrowful story. In the end like no other it’s a happy ending. But if your mind is the one that wonders when the story always says ‘Or is it?’ this story could possibly leave you with…thoughts to what happens. Ana’s grandma is telling about a story of witches and magical bugs that’ll bite and leave strange marks along with powers. This story is like no other, but unlike Sirus we won’t be late to miss the beginning. The story was the one and only story about Isabel and Elena Night. Now you’re probably thinking this is a page turner of horror, but it just depends how you look at it.

Ana and Melody Night lived with their grandma in Cobblestone. It was years since Serine, Ana’s grandma, had ever told the story of Isabel and Elena. Now as the story goes Elena and Isabel are Ana and Melody’s ancestors. Now Ana and Melody are around the ages of thirteen and fourteen so they don’t believe all this stuff their grandma is telling them.
“Ana, did your mother ever tell you and your sister about Isabel and Elena?” Serine asked with a smile.
“No grandma, mom never told us a story about them.” said Ana.
“Who are Isabel and Elena, grandma?” Melody asked with curiosity.
“Well, if you really want to know then I’ll tell you.” Serine started.
“Isabel, her mother, her father, and her brother all lived in a giant house about twenty or thirty miles from the Rocky Mountains. The house was one of twenty- five other houses. Isabel is sixteen, has black hair, silver eyes, and wears a black dress with a silver cloak. Iio, her brother, is eighteen, has black and white hair, and he wears a red shirt with black jeans and a black coat. Isabel and her family had to go forty miles over snowy hills about twenty feet high just to buy clothes or food. Most people, no matter how strong and brave, could not make it alone. When the first person made it over no one saw him again. Everyone later found out that it was avalanche that killed him not the cold or anything. The story takes place in Cobblestone. Cobblestone is like no other town, but it’s not as normal as you probably think it is. All that’s left of Isabel’s family is herself and her brother. Her mom ran away because of the odd thing about Cobblestone. Cobblestone’s odd because well, everyone thought the witches were dead and everyone would’ve forgotten about the witch trials. Little did everyone know that Cobblestone had witches. Meaning Cobblestone had at least ten to twenty women and forty to fifty men. That meant Cobblestone persecuted the women for they were thought to be witches. Isabel was only about seven years old when her dad died. Remember me telling you about the man who made it over the hills first, the man who never came back because he died in an avalanche? Well, that was Isabel’s dad. Some say the avalanche was no natural occurrence. They say he was killed by the avalanche for marrying a witch. They say the people who live on the other side of the mountains started it. No one knows for sure, and it’s not as likely that anyone cares. After their mom’s disappearance Isabel and Iio searched frantically for her, but ended up having no luck in their search. All they had left to hope for was that their mom was alive, but Iio had no hopes that she was. He would admit that his mom was lost; he would admit she was dead, but he wouldn’t admit it to his sister. As a blizzard blew and destroyed most of Cobblestone’s houses, people ran for cover and waited till it ended. After it stopped, everyone came out. It’ll take weeks to fix this. We don’t know what to do. Was all anyone would ever say. As soon as things died down and they started thinking of ways to solve their problem, a woman came out screaming that her child was missing. For weeks girls over the ages of seven had gone missing. Most of the people that lost them ran away to look for them and never came back. Others always were there one minute found dead the next day. Cobblestone had more problems than a math teacher’s homework.” Serine said as she heard a knock on the door.
“Who could that be at this time of night?” Serine said aggravated. She went to the door and it was Sirus.
“Sirus Arkin, what are you doing here?” Serine said while looking at a boy with black hair and brown eyes.
“Hoping your telling a story as you usually are on Fridays.” Sirus said, with his brown eyes gleaming in the moonlight. She sighed and let him in. He sat next to Melody and Serine continued. “Isabel would question her brother why he never seemed worried about their mom. Which he never was worried, he thought it didn’t concern him to worry about things like that. He knew she was dead and was going to move on with his life. But one day Isabel wouldn’t listen to excuses anymore from him. So this time when she asked if he worried about mom never coming back and he said he was worried sick. She called him a liar and said he was never worried from the beginning and that he was happy she was gone. She kept screaming at him till he as well couldn’t take it. So he yelled back at her saying that he was glad she was gone because all she did was cause trouble in the town and yell about how she was mistreated. Isabel couldn’t stand her brother at that moment and grabbed her coat and ran out of the house. Her brother stood in the door way and said that he hoped she found their mom so they could be miserable together. Isabel yelled that he would get what he deserved and kept running till she made it to a cave. It was night now so she decided to stay there.

As morning came with Isabel peacefully asleep, some strange glowing centipede came and bit Isabel’s hand leaving a moon shaped sort of sign on her hand. As she woke she realized this and wondered where it came from. Ignoring the crescent shape on her hand she started walking towards the cave’s entrance and ended up slipping. There she was hanging from the mountain’s edge screaming for help, when a boy came to her rescue. He had black hair and brown eyes and looked as if he was 17. After he introduced himself as Ivan he told her she should be more careful. She gave him a glare and walked off. Ivan came to her side and asked where she was going. She looked at him cold heartedly and said she was trying to find some one. Annoyingly Ivan asked who she was looking for. Isabel obviously aggravated at him said she was looking for someone named Elena, not telling him she was her mother so Isabel wouldn’t be killed because she was thought to be a witch herself. Ivan told Isabel how he heard of a woman named Elena who was in Arlin. Relieved that Ivan had done something right in the past few minutes Isabel asked how far it was. Ivan told her that it was about thirty miles away.

So as Isabel and Ivan walked in the cold, deep snow. They happened to hear people coming towards them. Isabel asked if Ivan heard what they were saying. Ivan listened closely and said that it sounded like they were saying get the witch or kill the witch. Ivan with a puzzled look on his face asked why they would be coming near them saying that unless…Isabel was a witch. Isabel wasn’t going to hide that she was a witch. Ivan was scared and he wasn’t mad; he didn’t even think it was a joke. He stood by Isabel’s side and told the people she was Isabel Arkin, not Isabel Night”
“Wait; hold the story up right there!” Sirus yelled, “You can’t actually be serious that Ivan is some how related to me can you?”
“Actually,” Serine said, “he is related to you. He’s your ancestor.”
Sirus had a puzzled look.
“That means he’s related to you, but he wasn’t alive till around the 1700’s or 1600’s, okay? You need to pay attention in your history class or something Sirus.” Melody said with sarcasm.
“May I finish my story now?” Serine said.
“Yes, you can finish it.” Sirus said, as he glared at Melody for thinking he was stupid.
“Thank you, Sirus.” Serine said, as she laughed.
“Now they were only ten miles away when more people came up to them. Isabel asked if those people looked like the same people they had seen earlier? Ivan said with worry in his voice that they were the same people. As they came closer they were chanting kill the witch, kill the witch. As one was about to slice Isabel in two, A woman’s voice said for them to leave Isabel alone. All the people laughed. One man said that Elena wouldn’t do anything. So all Elena said, was if they were so sure it was a good idea to doubt her abilities. They laughed even harder and one woman said that they weren’t afraid of Elena. So, the snow built up around them, forming a dome shape, and then it pulled them right into the ground. As it went down you heard the screams from below, she had trapped them underneath the snow.

Now, it’s said that Elena, Isabel, and Ivan all live in Arlin quietly and peacefully. Now your probably wondering what happened to Iio. Well, as Isabel said he would get what he deserved and he definitely got what he deserved.” Serine finished.
“So, I have only one question, Serine.” Sirus said, with a smile.
“Sirus don’t ask what I think you’re going to ask.” Melody said.
“It’s alright, Melody I already know what he’s going to ask.” Serine said. “Yes Sirus, witches are real because if the weren’t then Isabel and Elena wouldn’t be here in the house with us.”
“They aren’t in the house.” Sirus said laughing, “What do you think I am an idiot because even I know that someone couldn’t live this long. Not even a witch.”
“Then Sirus, why are they behind you?” Melody asked.
“They aren’t behind me.” Sirus said, while turning around.
The second he turned around Ana and Melody started hitting him with pillows. Minutes later after they stopped hitting him still scared Sirus said, “That wasn’t funny.”
“Well maybe not for you, but for us it was.” Melody said, still laughing.
They were walking to the kitchen for something to eat. They all found a seat.
“The witches are real though Sirus because they’re coffins are in this very house, in the top room.” Serine said, “And they’re ancestors, who are witches, are right next to you.”
“Melody and Ana are witches?” Sirus asked with a shock to his answer.
“They are and so am I.” Serine said.
To tell what happened after that night would be the same that happened when Ivan found out about Isabel, like I said a happy ending. Or was it?

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