Extraterrestrial life.

May 28, 2013
By alexandas SILVER, Suisun City, California
alexandas SILVER, Suisun City, California
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There are people in this world that believe that extraterrestrial life does exist, many people regard these people as crazy and say that if anyone saw a ‘U.F.O.’ they would just be seeing what they wanted to see. So I answer the question of: Do aliens exist? With yes, they do. Now when I say ‘aliens’ I do not mean little green people living on Mars, (although there is proof that there was some kind of living species on Mars, but it was a bacteria of some sort) I simply mean life on other planets. Why do I believe this? Well, think about this: The Sun is one of the smallest stars in the universe, the Milky Way Galaxy is one of many galaxies, and the number of everything in the universe is close to infinite. So obviously we aren’t the only living species.

When people think of aliens they think of evil creatures coming to our planet to suck out our brains or something, but if that were true then that would lead to two conclusions: aliens live nearby, and/or aliens are far more intelligent than us. But then, if they were more intelligent than us, why would they suck out our brains? What’s the point of stealing humans knowledge if they are smarter than humans? Well unless human brain is a delicacy on their planet. And why would they be evil? Just because they are different doesn’t mean that they’re evil.

When I think ‘alien’ I think a creature from another planet. I also think that aliens would bear little resemblance to a human being, much more likely is that they are bacteria too. But an advanced and intelligent alien might look like anything! You really can’t know what an alien looks like unless you’ve seen one. The possibility of a green, three fingered, seven foot tall, brain sucking, and evil alien is so unlikely that it is as likely as a human turning into a unicorn wearing a poncho with three left feet and six right colored blue and with ten heads, in other words: nearly impossible.

You might think still that aliens are all make believe, but still think about how big the universe is and how useless it would be if we were the only intelligent life.

The author's comments:
Aliens do exist.

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