The Time Cleatis Fell

September 19, 2008
By Brandon Waupekenay, Boise, ID

It was about 4:00 Pm in Alaska Ossineke it was a nice cloudy day. It was a brisk day were you could see your breath the narborly dogs barking and playing the seagulls were cawing and the waves crashing into the shore.
So my cousin as well my aunt an uncle and I went to the dock to go fishing. When we got there we pulled out the fishing poles and the fishing box. We kept casting the fishing rods. But for some reason Cleatis the dog kept looking down by the side of the dock. He kept looking and on the side of the dock. But when he got up there again he slipped off and then next thing you know you hear this big splashing sound!
So we all run to the side of the dock and I mean run to the side of the dock and see Cleatis swimming to the rocky shore and it’s a good thing the tide went down. So we start running to the end of the dock like we were racing! I was in the lead but I mean way in the lead so I turn left like a chaetae turning when its prey turns left but the tiny rocks amade me skid. As I ran to the rocky shore like a person running for his life.
When I get there I saw Cleatis almost to the rocky shore so I jump on a big rock and I saw Cleatis trying to get on the rock shore. Whining and jumping I quickly grab Cleatis by the collar but his slipping so I do a hug position he was wet but I didn’t care as I pulled him on the rock he mightily goes up the rocks and shakes off the water and I was lying on the rock exhausted. So then my aunt says thank you and we put Cleatis in the jeep with a blanket and we casted our rods again the end. OH and I caught a giant star fish.

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