Midnight attack

September 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Richard awoke in the middle of the night frightened at the sound of the crunching of branches. Searching in awareness of the sound he had just heard. He knew somebody was out there and he loosened the weapon in his scabbard gripped his hand on the weapon he could feel the hilt pressed against his hand looking at the darkness between the trees. He heard the noise again he released the sword from the scabbard. Then he saw for hooded men in the trees with a belt filled with all kinds of weapons.

The four men rushed at them Richard prepared himself four battle the first one came up and swung a sword at him. Richard took the palm of his sword and pounded the man hand with the cracking of bones. Then he screamed in terror “AWWWWWWW Please no more!” As he fell on his knees Richard took his sword and tore right throw the mans head without mercy Bone fragments and blood flew throw the air like rain Richard was covered in blood. Richard ran to the next man and pierced it through the mans stomach he fell over and coffed out a pool of dark red blood.

As the next man advanced Richard grabbed a club from a belt and ran to the next man and beat him in the shoulder “Dodge this!” Richard said then crashed it down on his neck. The man fell over with a broken neck the next man was running at him screaming at him DIE! Richard pulled out his bow he aimed steadily and held his breath time was his. He let go of the string the arrow lodged into the mans head the man lost strength and crashed to the ground Richard lowered his bow. At the carcasses that laid before him.

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