The Bones

September 19, 2008
It was a cold dark night the wind was whipping our faces in the middle of the desert, my friends Johnny, Leon , and I we were digging we didn’t know what we would find . Maybe we would find goods, treasure , or maybe GOLD!!!!!!!!!
“This looks like a good spot to dig” said Johnny . We were half way done.
“Water I need water” said Leon. Cool your jets Leon were almost done than we could get water.
“Really!!!” said Leon.

“Wow ah? guy’s I’ve found something” said Johnny . Ah Leon screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Bones!!!” said Leon

“Ah! guys I'm going home” said Johnny. Johnny ran home like he seen a ghost. Well Leon are you leaving to??

“I'm never going to pull a Johnny” said Leon.

Cool! now lets figure out how these got here?
“Maybe there animal bones” said Leon. Maybe there human bones? A there is a trail of blood on the ground .
“That’s not blood, its cool aid” said Leon why is cool aid here. Let’s follow it. Brrr!!! Its freezing I know A does that look like Johnny?

“That does” said Leon

Ah that is Johnny!!

“Ah hi guys , what’s up” said Johnny why were you at the end of the trail of

cool aid??

“ Ah um maybe cause I don’t know” replied Johnny. Oh really!!

“Ok it was me I put the bones in the hole and that was my cool aid”.

“Why did you do that “ said Leon?
“ well, maybe cause I thought it would be funny, I'm sorry” said Johnny sadly

“Do you guys want to still dig no more pranks” said Johnny. “Sure” said Leon and I “well I guess that solves it,
solves what said Leon” that bone problem. well one more thing
“What “said Leon and Johnny LAST ONE THERE IS AH ROTTEN EGG.

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