Lost at Lagoon

September 19, 2008
By Jessica Cantu, Boise, ID

When I was at least nine, I went to the lagoon in Utah. In Utah it looks like a lot of mountains where the towns are separated by mountains that are as tall as the sun! There are a lot of hotels in each town we passed.

I went on a lot of rides and got really sick, like I was going to puke for the whole time I was going to be there (Luckily, I didn’t). It was really fun, until I went on the Rattle Snake Rapids with my cousin, Kimiko (Witch was really fun!). We got off and went to go ask our parents if we can get on The Log Ride.

When we went to where our parents were before got on and saw that they had left. We looked everywhere and even got on the Sky Ride to look at the whole park, like an elephant looking down at its feet where a mouse would be walking around it. We didn’t find them and got so scared! A few people asked us if we were lost and we said “Yes” then they would just say “Oh” and walk away not even taking us to the lost booth. So we looked for it by ourselves. “Will you help us find our parents?”

A few minutes later we found the lost booth and told them what happened. They told us to just stay there and wait for our parents to come. Soon our parents came up and told we were they’re children and they asked us if that was true and we said “Yes”. Our parents were mad and happy at the same time. We told them what happened and how we wanted to go on The Log Ride, but they said we had to go with a parent for now on. Then we stayed for another 2 days and had fun for the rest of the time.

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