September 19, 2008
By Daniel Felton, Boise, ID

A car turned the corner muffling two boys’ voices as they were walking down the street in New York City, New York coming back from school.
“Today was boring” said Tanner.
“You think everyday in school is boring” said Alfreado
“Well it is scho” said tanner but got interrupted because someone bumped into him. “hey”
“Sorry” said a man.
“That was weird, Hey where’s my wallet?” said Tanner “
“I don’t know” said Alfreado while looking around. “Tanner?” CRASH “what the” said Alfreado walking towards the noise into an ally. The noise was a dumpster half open and it looked like someone was in it.

Alfreado went over to the dumpster and Tanner was in it.
“What are you doing in there?” asked Alfreado while helping Tanner out of the dumpster.
“You know that guy that bumped into me?” asked Tanner
“Yea” said Alfreado
“He took my wallet” said tanner.
“What was in it?” asked Alfreado
“$10 and my ID card” said tanner.
“That’s to bad what are you going to do?” said Alfreado
“I don’t know”. Said Tanner

The next day the cops where at tanners house and they returned his wallet and said the man that stole it got caught because of the ID card in his wallet.
“I’m glad I got my wallet back” said Tanner
“Yea that’s pretty kool” said Alfreado while walking to school
“Today’s going to be boring” said tanner
“HAHAHAHAHA yea’ said Alfreado.

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