Africa River

September 19, 2008
Africa has countries that are full of poor people. But first my family use to live at
Somalia. My family is 35 I have a lot of family. But this is about Halima, Dadiri, Zuwa, and Ali. My dad is a hard worker because he work for us pays the bill. My mom help us too because she cooks food and holed kid. I had a sister her name was rehema but she is died so I’m the youngest in my family.
Africa was a litter fun because we got to meet a lot of friends. The friends I have are really great friends so that was the thing that was fun when we were playing games and there names are Halima, Agie, and Nasteo that was there names. We also want to the Africa river it was shaky because it is a log river I and my family walked on it and there was a traces but only a few of them and when they came they make the brag a shaky we war scare some of my family war scared too.

But I did pass the bridge and it was big Bridge so was really fun. I was really happy because that I got to pass that. The Bridge was like the first airplane. The first airplane are family rote was kind a scare!

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