7th grade

September 19, 2008
One day john was in eighth period with Mr. Jenson his reading teacher. Ring ring ring the bell rang like it was a fire drill. John gathered his thing.

John may I talk to you for a moment? Mr. Jenson asked . Sure. John replied.’ we have a new kid coming his name is Jake I want you to be his friend he go’s on your bus’. Mr. Jenson exclaimed. ‘Ok’. John replied.

The next day at 6:30 am john was waiting for the bus at 7:00 the bus came . he got on the bus he looked left then right . nobody accept his friend Jacob.
Suddenly he saw Jake he sat on the seat next to him. hi I’m john! .he exclaimed . The rest of the ride to school it was quiet. they got to school what do you have first. John exclaimed he made a list of classes Math, Reading, English, Orchestra ,World Studies, Science, Young Living .jake listed

”what instrument do you play?” John asked.
I play cello Jake said .

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Princesssx3 said...
Oct. 18, 2010 at 10:27 am
i love it , but boringg !
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