Tiny Boy

September 19, 2008
By julianna browning, Boise, ID

There once was a little boy named blain bogny, who lived in a giant, old, hollowed out tree stump, in the middle of a small meadow. The thing he worries about most is that he doesn’t know how he got there in the first place. a long time ago his mother was just about to turn twenty-three. On the eve of here birthday, a wicked god mother turned her the size of a little flower peddle. Then placed her in a giant tree stump, along with her husband. that is the only thing blain can remember what his dear mother had told him.
About two tears ago his father had died of old age, and he and his mother had to live on their own. It was hard for them, because the father did all the hunting, and tending to the inner wood so that it wouldn’t cave-in on them. So they had to work together, and take care of things by there selves.
Through the long years Blain had lost his mom and he was all alone. All by him self, in the darkness of the now rotting wood of there home. He was doing well till about two years later, when the food was starting to disappear. He knew it could only be one thing…mice! He was so scared of mice. They were at least three times as big as him, and he has no one behind him to back him up, no army.
He wasn’t prepared to fight them so he thought he might try to talk to them and ask if they not take his food any more. So the next day the mice came back and he was not sure weather to talk to them or not, but he knew he had to. “Um… ex excuse me?” he said in the tiniest voice he could possibly make. The mice herd him and didn’t know that anyone had lived here! They were so embarrassed. So they talked it out and the mice were so sorry that they stole food and they apologized.

Blain said they were the nicest mice he had yet met. So he went back to his life and finally was happy that he had friends, and he lived till he was an old crinkly tiny man. He occasionally would go out walking and gather little berries to feed on. From then on he lived a happy little life.

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