driving through the fires

September 19, 2008
By skyler tipple, Boise, ID

It was summer vacation and my grandma my aunt Karen and my cousin Teeana and I. We were driving from Boise, Idaho and to Bothell, Washington. On are way we had to drive through the fires. You could not see a foot in front of you and with the traffic made it feel like it would take two hours to go two feet. Then traffic started to pick up so it went a little faster later we stopped by a fruit stand got some cherries plums soda and some other stuff then we continued going down the golden road.

Then once we were past the fires and into Oregon traffic really picked up. Then we made are final stop on the border of Oregon and Washington. Then we were of for are two hour drive to Bothell we were all so board but it was all worth it when we got to my grandma’s house. Once we got there, it was just as I remember her rocking chair her two balconies drenched in rain. Along with her, two cats. However, my favorite part about my grandma’s house was bath time she had jets in her bathtub witch was so relaxing. I had a room up stairs next to my uncle mike’s room and next to Jordan’s room.

The reason it was worth it was because my grandma’s back yard is 5 acres it was a jungle with all here plants and tree’s. In addition, my cousin’s Jordan and Ashley were there Ashley bugged us a lot she would always stand behind us and go “hi hi hi….”
She would not leave us alone sometimes she would talk and talk... but she still is cool. My cousin Jordan and I spent most of are time either playing and trading Pokemon or having burping or farting contest I’m not going say who won but I will say this we can both rip one we stunk out my aunt Karen’s house so bad and the worse part is once you start you can’t stop. At my grandma’s and aunt Karen they treat us like royalty. But the thing I like the most is camping we have property up at mount Rainer

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