Floating The River

September 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Bring, bring, bring! One day a friend had called me. She asked me, “Would you like to float the river with me?” I said sure. The next day I was packed to float the river with my swimsuit on and everything. The river was freezing cold, as freezing as the Atlantic Ocean. Before I knew it we were off into a cold, wet adventure.

I was having so much fun, and then the rapids came. The rapids were bumpy and, nothing but water and rocks underneath me. We hit so many banks. On a few of them my sister had fell out of the boat. All we could do was laugh and laugh, we laughed so hard my side ached. More and more rapids came. One of the rapids we got stuck in a whole. When we finally got out the branches decided to attack us. I was scared that we were going to die.
I kept chanting,” Help me, help me!”
My friend said, “I can’t!”
I said, “Please?!”
She said, “You’re on your own!”
The rapids were like an upside down rollercoaster.

More than ever I wanted to go home. I knew that wasn’t an option. More branches came and hit me right in the head. I felt like a big boulder had fallen on top of me. Many miles left to go. More and rapids came. Sometimes all you can do is go with the floe. Finally it hit me; the only way we would make it out of the river is if we worked together.
After we agreed on my idea no longer did we hit bank or branches. Even though it was a life-threatening adventure it was the best time of my life. I told my friend,” I would love to go to the river with you again.”

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