Bed Jumping

September 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever been jumping on a bed and felt like you were going to fall? Well, I’ve had that experience when I was just a little boy. At that time I was four years old; I had bright blond hair, and just felt like jumping up and down wherever I was and whatever time it was. Apparently though, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and I guess you could say I learned my lesson. So, I bet your dying to find out what happened that was this tragic. Well it was on a late summer night that I decided for no particular reason to start jumping on the bed. While jumping, my sister basically bursts through door (halfway taking my life) screaming to tell me to get down off of the bed before I get hurt. At that instant, I suddenly fall. I wake up from pitch-blackness to find everything happening slowly. I look at the floor to see nothing but goowy redness. While panicking, we rush to the door to get to the car. In the car, I faint one last time until we desperately reach the hospital. We rush into the entrance of the hospital making a loud cry for help. The doctors and the nurses gently set me down on the gurney while I refuse to lay on it. While I am lying there on the gurney, looking at the bright, white lights passing, and hearing nothing but screams to get out of the way, I think about how my face is never going to be the same again. We finally reach the emergency room. The doctors quickly plug everything into the wall while the nurses get me hooked up to all the machines that were needed. The time had come at last. The most horrifying moment of my life. The time for both the shots in my head and the time for black, threaded stitches. The nurses could barely hold me down so they had to call in more doctors and nurses. I was squirming just like a mountain lion trying to escape from a man that had just caught it. Then man in the white over coat came to me with the shining, silver needle to numb my forehead and the nurse beside him came with the same looking needle but this one, I knew, was the one that was going to make me fall into a deep sleep. Trying to keep my eyes open, I felt very relaxed. They finally got me down I thought with my last thoughts. The next morning, I awoke to find my family sitting around my comfortable cushioned bed. As soon as they saw my eyes open, they all, at the same time, jumped out of their seats. They were happy to see ok. That same morning we all went to the cafeteria to have some breakfast. Then when we were all done eating, when I got dressed and my dad saw the bill with a surprised look on his face we went home to enjoy the rest of the day together.

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