The Start of Love

September 19, 2008
By Monet Balliet, Wesley Chapel, FL

I jumped to life at the beeping of my alarm clock. The red lights said 7:15.
“Oh man, I’m late again.” I jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes. Today I just decided to pick a plan t-shirt and some jeans. I tied up my dirty blonde hair into a pony tail and drove to school. As soon as I parked my car between the white lines on the pavement the familiar sound of the bell rang through the school. I ran to my first period class hoping I would make it on time. I pulled open the wooden door to see my teacher and all of my peers staring at me.
“Miss Amy, nice of you to join us. Please have a seat.” I sat into my chair in the front of the room. I could tell today wasn’t going to get any better from there.
In second period I saw my BFF, Suzy. Suzy had long reddish-brown hair that came to about her lower back. She had been my best friend since middle school. I always went to her for advice and opinion on things. If anyone knew everything that went on in my life it was her.
“Wow you look like crap.” I could tell she was trying to tell it to me in the nicest way.
“Gee, thanks”
“You know, you can’t let this break up ruin your life. There are other guys out there.” I knew that, but I didn’t want other guys. I wanted Brian. Two days ago he broke up with me because he said he didn’t have the same feelings he used too. After that he decided to go out with Becky. Becky was a snobby cheerleader that went to a different school.
“I gave up on him.” I said somewhat honest.
“Amy, I kind of doubt that.”
After school I drove home in my silver Mercury Sable. Sure, it was a grandpa car but in a way it fit me. I turned on my computer and put in some fantasy game my older brother left me after he moved out. I need some killing therapy. Every enemy I killed I pictured it being Brain’s face. It helped me get over the break up. For the moments I played that game everything that went on in my mind vanished into nothing.
“Hey, you’re pretty good.” A guy’s voice went through the computer speakers. His voice was kind of deep and terracing. He seemed to be older than me. Probably around the age of 17, I just turned 14 last spring. I adjusted the mic so I could talk to him.
“Thanks!” He seemed to be somewhat surprised that I was a girl.
“Oh, you’re a girl! That makes you even cooler. So, what’s a girl like you playing this game for?” I was somewhat hesitant to tell him. Then I thought I don’t even know him so it couldn’t hurt.
“Anger therapy.”
“Oh I see. Some guy broke up with you, so now you’re playing this game to help you deal with it.” He hit it right on the mark. How could he have gotten that right? Was it that obvious? “Many girls don’t play this game just for fun so I figured it had to be something like that.”I didn’t have very many friends on the online game. In fact, he was the only one that I had. I talked to him until the sun was out of view from my window and disappeared behind the trees causing a beautiful silhouette. We didn’t talk about anything special. I just told him a little about myself and he told me the same. It was nice talking to someone I didn’t even really know. It felt like he wasn’t even real. Just someone that I could relate and talk too.
That night I couldn’t sleep very well. I couldn’t help but think about him. I really wanted to be his friend. He seemed really cool and something about him attracted me to him. He was quiet and sort of mysterious. Most of the time we talked, I just talked about myself. He didn’t say much but when he did his voice sent chills down my spine, good chills. I decided that I did enough thinking about him for one night. The red letters on the clock read 1:00 am. Great have to get up in 5 hours. I rested my head on the pillow and before I knew the annoying sound of my alarm clock went off.
I got dressed and did the same thing I did every morning. I parked next to Suzy’s bright blue car in the parking lot. I went to my first period class and was actually on time. I took my seat in the back this time and waited for class to start. After 1st period I went to my 2nd to talk with Suzy.
“Hey, what’s with you today?” Suzy must have noticed my different attitude from yesterday.
“Well, I met a really cool guy.”
“That’s great! Where did you meet him? The mall? The movies?” It was going to be hard letting her know the truth after she got all excited.
“Ummm, playing a video game.” I said it under my breath hoping that she didn’t hear all of it.
“Are you serious? You must be joking. What’s this guy like?”
“I didn’t talk to him that much but from what I did, he seemed really sweet and nice. He has the most amazing voice ever.”
“Uh huh. Well that’s great.” She seemed unexcited about the news. Almost like she didn’t believe what I just told her.
Once I got home I did some homework and after that I turned on the game. He wasn’t online yet. Discontentment was shown all over my face. “Oh well, its okay. I’ll just wait until he gets on later tonight.” I told myself out loud. In the meantime I watched some TV and ate food. Then I suddenly heard the bling over the computer speakers.
“Hey..uhhh” At that second I realized that I didn’t even know his name. How completely rude of me! “ Hehe I just thought of something, I never did catch your name yesterday. I was kind of too busy talking about myself. I seem to do that a lot.”
“It’s okay. I don’t mind you talking a lot. I find it interesting to listen to you. By the way my name is Zak.” Wow, what a totally hot guy with a hot name! “What’s yours?”
“Amy.” I said it biting my lip. For some reason I got nervous talking with him.
“Well, Amy it’s very nice to meet you. You seem like a very sweet girl.” He said it so formally.
“So, what do you like to do?” I couldn’t think of anything else to ask him.
“I really like to mess around with computers. Take them apart, fix them, work with the software on them. Boring things like that but I guess I have a talent for them.
“I’m not that smart with electronics.” I had to admit that. He seemed smart too! A guy like that would never like me. He probably already has a girlfriend where ever he lives. Suddenly the orange light on my cell phone lit up distracting my thoughts.
“Hold on, my cell phones ringing.” I said it into the mic. It was number that I didn’t recognize. I picked it up. “Hello?”
“Hey!” the voice matched Zak’s.
“Zak? How did you get my cell phone number?” My voice sounded confused and somewhat freaked out.
“I told you I’m really good with computers.”

I slammed the phone shut and turned my computer off. “Okay that was kind of creepy, actually really creepy. Calm down, calm down.” I thought it to myself. My heart was beating fast. I couldn’t think straight. What if he is a rapist and he’s stalking me? No, there’s no way. I’m sure he didn’t mean to creep me out; he just thought that it was neat.
I went up stairs and decided to relax by taking a bath. I got into the steamy water. After a couple of minutes I heard the garage door open. It must be my mom. I heard a knock on the white wooden door a few moments later.
“Amy, are you okay?” my mom’s voice seemed tired after a long day of work.
“Yeah mom I’m fine, just relaxing.”
“Did you eat dinner?”
“Yes mom I left some of it out on the counter for you.” I didn’t know what to think and thought that I should just enjoy the rest of my night. Tomorrow is Saturday so I can think about all of this then. I watched a little TV then went to bed.
I awoke to the sun shining on my face. I loved the weekend. It was great sleeping in. The red lights on the clock said 11. I checked my phone to see if I had any late night calls. Nothing. He hasn’t called me, maybe I should call him. I entered the “recent calls” on my phone and found Zak’s number. It couldn’t hurt to call him, I feel bad for hanging up on him. I pressed the “send” button on my phone.
“Zak, its Amy.” I felt weird calling him but I had to apologize.
“Amy! Listen I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to freak you out. I didn’t know what I was thinking. It was really stupid of me to do that.” He seemed like he really meant it.
“Don’t worry about it. I was just calling to tell you sorry for me hanging up on you. I felt bad, it’s just you could of given me a head’s up.”
“Sorry.” He laughed. It was the first time I actually heard him laugh. It was a good thing to hear. The rest of the day I talked to him. My mom was at work all of the time and I didn’t have any friends in the neighborhood so I just spent my weekend talking to him. I got to know that he lived in the same state I did, just all the way on the other side of it. He lived in the complete opposite place I did. Here where I lived it was always hot, rainy and unpleasant. Over where he lived it was beautiful, cooler, by the water, and always sunny. It was like we lived in two different worlds, yet in some way we connected. I just couldn’t figure how yet.

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