September 19, 2008
By Anonymous

One day me and my family went to the beach we were in Chicago, IL.That day when we went it always took us 40 minutes to get there. We put staff down and we were exited! That we got there we were all bored in the car we almost fell asleep in the car but we didn’t.

When we finish eating we had to wait 5 minutes until we went swimming. So we did when 5 minutes past me and my cousin went swimming my brothers came after us my mom told us to wait for them so we did. When we were jumping in, it was so much fun that we kept jumping in so many times.

When are mom called us and said come you girls want to eat some watermelon and mangos with chill powder and lime and salt. After we ate fruit we went swimming and with my aunt. My brother came with us when I was going to jump in my brother
pushed me I was about to die. But then my cousin almost when to get me from under the water but suddenly I came up. When I came up my aunt told me” are you okay “I said yes I am okay I went to tell my mom and my mom told my brother you are grounded for a week. When we got to my house I was so happy that we got there.

!!!!!THE END!!!!!

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