September 19, 2008
By Janet Mejia, Boise, ID

Over the summer, we went to Mexico driving it took 3days to get there! When we go there the fair was going on so the second day we were there we went to the fair the rides were crazy they go super fast and super high there is nothing to hold onto or nothing holding you.
The third day we were there we went to Santa Cruz were my dad was born and grew up we stayed were my grandma and grandpa used to live before they died. The house looks creepy because its old and no body lives there any more nobody likes being there all alone because they say it is haunted. We stayed there for 2 days the nights were creepy freaky and hard because we were sleeping on cement.
The last day we were there, we had to bring flowers to my grandma and grandpa. After we left, the graveyard we went past the river and we could see two men standing in the edge of the riverbank when we walked a little more we saw that there was a bull stuck under a gigantic. Log both its horns and head were stuck my dad and my uncle tried to lift up the log but if they pulled up the log, the bull would go back and hit them in the face with its horns. My dad got a huge knife called a machete and split the log in half in the while they were doing that a herd of cows walked by and one the whitest one out of all of them waited for the one stuck under the log and kept mooing at it.
When my dad and my uncle were done splitting the log in half the cow slipped out joy fully, mooed at us, and then ran away.

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