First day of school.

September 19, 2008
BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BE- SMASH! Awaking on a Monday for the first day of school, to an annoying alarm clock, and so tired all you can do is flail your arms around until it stops. Thinking, of what to get ready makes me realize I’m going to be late if I don’t get a move on. I get my uniform on and was fiddling with it until it was semi-comfortable, which still isn’t very comfortable.
My binder is huge with all of the supplies I think I need and then some. I planned it so I can just bring the binder to all of my classes instead of going back to my locker after every class. As I entered the brand spanking new 25 million dollar facility ready to roll, I noticed an array of students all looking like clones in the same maroon/black and maroon/kaki combination of polo and pants or shorts making me think I’m in some type of movie. I, myself hated the uniforms and thought it was entirely unfair because the teachers got to wear whatever they wanted!
I made my way to my first period, P.E. I walked into the gigantic room filled with bleachers, dangling lights, basketball hoops, and all the other nooks and crannies essential for a gymnasium, but why was one of the basketball hoops missing? We basically just sat there and listened to the teacher blab about things I couldn’t care less about. The teacher kept looking for flaws in the student’s uniforms. “Tuck in your shirt.” “Where’s your belt?” So annoying! As the bell rang, everyone rushed out of the gym in a unorganized fashion. I looked for the room number listed on my schedule, math.
Although my best subject, it still bores me partly because it’s way too easy. We went over some terms that I have heard 100 times by now. Then, we took a trick test that made you do all these stupid things that embarrass you and the last problem told us to ignore the above directions and sit quietly so no one catches on to the joke. I fell for it. Everybody thought I was an idiot but I didn’t mind. My next period said “Empty”. I used that as an opportunity to go to the bathroom and when I got out, I saw a teacher in the hall. “What are you doing in the halls during class?” I showed her my schedule and she looked over it. “Go see the office and get this fixed”. I ended up taking Computer Apps. It was pretty fun because the teachers really cool, and I’m good with computers. When we got passed all of the rules and stuff I learned that in that class, all we do is type, nothing else. BOORRRIINNGGG!!!!!
After that I went to English, by far the most fun class. Mr. Hoetker is the funniest, most enthusiastic, weirdest teacher in the world. What I like is that we use computers for mostly everything, and we do a lot of group discussion which I really enjoy. After that, we would have lunch but it was a half day so we skipped it. My next class was World Studies. I don’t even want to explain that class. It was kind of a drag because my first impression of Mr. Jenne seemed like he was a little strict. Next, was earth science. One of the most fun classes by far! Probably because my football coach teaches it. He lets us have fun in that class with group lab time and we joke around a lot. Next, reading. Reading went good with a teacher with less than half a voice because of repeating herself like 8 times for each period. Then, the day was over. Time for football!

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