September 19, 2008
When I was four I broke my arm, at the time my dad was going through Chemo Therapy, so my dad had no hair and looked scary. It all started when my dad got up, to get me a cup of milk.

It was about eight o’clock at night and I was getting ready to go to bed and my mom asked me if I wanted a cup of milk, I said yes, so when my dad got up to get it, My dad had no hair, no eyebrows, no eyelashes no hair at all at the time. Right when he was about to open the refrigerator door, I was on a barstool at our kitchen table, I reached for him and fell off of the chair, I was very scared because he had no hair, I was four what do you expect. It was a very scary moment for my parents.
I started crying and my mom came over to me and carried me over to the dishwasher to sit down. I was leaning up against it sitting down when my mom started to look at it. After about fifteen minutes she called my brother down, he was upstairs, to look at my elbow. I had stopped crying by now but it had already been another fifteen minutes. Why weren’t we gone? We needed to go. All it felt to me is like it was taking forever to make a decision, and finally my brother convinced our mom to take me to the hospital.
After that long half an hour we went to the emergency room and they took x-rays and confirmed that my elbow was broken, but I don’t remember much when we were there, it was a mess of confusion.

The doctors wrapped up my arm tightly and one week later the put a cast on it. I was in a cast for four to five months. After I got out of my cast my arm was very weak and I had to rebuild my strength in my arm. It took forever!

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melven said...
Sept. 27, 2008 at 5:17 am
Great Story, HOw awful to be scared of your dad because he looked so wierd. And to have your hurting too.
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