The Crash

September 19, 2008
It was mid June 2008, right after summer band at Boise High School and 3 days before my 12th birthday. I had walked over to the YMCA with Aaron and Sierra, friends from band. They asked me I wanted to go get diet coke and mentos with them to make mento bombs. I said I would have to ask my mom. So, then I went and asked her. She said “Okay” and told me not be an idiot in the street. I thought, why does she think I would be an idiot in the street?

On our way, we had to stop so that Aaron could grab his wallet out of his mom’s car. While we were waiting for him, Sierra let me borrow his scooter since mine was not anywhere close. After that, we had to wait at an intersection for the light to change. I noticed the scooter looked old and slightly abused. After waiting at the intersection corner for maybe 2 minutes, the light changed. I was half way across the street when the scooter went left and I went right. I hit the asphalt with my elbows, face, and shoulder the
hardest. So much for not being an idiot in the street.

I was lying on the side of the street where I had crashed. Then one of my friends came over and helped me up onto the sidewalk. I got over the crying in pain stage in about a minute. My knee hurt badly, my shoulder was stinging, and my eye hurt like crazy! Then maybe 5 minutes later a man on a motorcycle pulled up and tried to call my parents. My Dad was in a meeting and my Mom’s cell phone was in her locker at the Y. Then the Aaron and Sierra helped me limp back to the YMCA. When we got there, a staff member made sure I was okay and told me to go clean up my bloody, bruised, and cut face. In the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and saw that my eye was a huge lump! After that, I went back to the lobby and the staff member filled out an incident report. After the woman was done filling out the incident report, my Mom suggested that we leave and clean up my cuts at home. So that is how I spent my twelfth birthday.

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