My Trip to Lucky Peak

September 19, 2008
By Ashley Vorachack, Boise, ID

I was a little girl about 5 years old, my family and I were at Lucky Peak. Lucky peak is a huge lake that has nice cool water, a wonderful mountain view. Also there are red-brownish docks for your boats, special made for your boats. You can go boating, swimming, and maybe have a picnic with your family etc. You could do lots of things to do there. Okay anyways, we were near the moldy brown docks and there was a block of wood missing from the dock. My mom said,” Ashley be careful for that whole you’re going to get hurt if you fall through it!” So I avoided it and jumped over it every time I passed it. Then I saw a long, humongous stick and it look fun to play with whack the water with. I showed it to my mom and she said,” Ashley go put the stick away so you don’t get hurt.” So I was on my way to put the stick away and I totally forgot about the whole in the moldy brown dock so my leg went into the hole. There were dusty nails sticking out of the hole. The nails jabbed into my leg on both sides of my leg. Yeah it hurt badly it also burned; I screamed and felt like I was paralyzed just my leg though. My dad said,” Are you okay?” I said,” No!” of course. So he picked me up out of the nails quickly so it won’t hurt that bad but I did, and there was thick nasty blood all over my leg. My dad wiped my blood and when he showed me the napkin was just full of wet blood. Then he put bandages on me. I had to add a couple more bandages because it was bleeding through. Then I kind of felt better but it was awfully painful. It felt like I couldn’t feel my whole leg, it was so numb. I had to deal with a sore leg all day [boohoo].But after that whole accident happened the rest of the day was pretty fascinating playing and swimming in the cool water.

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