Track Race Day

September 19, 2008
By Kassidy Flynn, Boise, ID

We were driving Myah’s mom’s car; on are way Borah high. Laughing with excitement. We parked the little red car and went to the track. We stretched on the gigantic field. Then on loud speaker; a man said “Girls 70 meter dash!” Myah and Alexa said “Good luck Kassidy!” I said “thanks” and got in a lane; this was it.

I got ready to run my heart out. A man yelled.” Take your mark … set!” Bang!?!
The gun sounded. We raced down the track. I was a blur! Then it was all over. But I didn’t know I won the race. (How could I? It was that fast.) Then Myah and Alexa said “Kassidy you won!!!” “I did?” I said. Lady gave me a 1st place ribbon. I was really happy that day.

When I got home that night. My mom got pizza. Pepperoni, cheese and canadian bacon. “Sweet!” I said, “You went Canada for pizza!” We laughed. That was the best day ever!!!

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