Poker Night

September 19, 2008
I recall this poker event that happened in August of 2008. It happened somewhere around the time of my 13th birthday. I went to this event with my dad. It happened down at the stagecoach theater in Boise, Idaho. If you came dressed up as a pirate that you got extra poker chips at the door, but I decided to dress normally. I did wear a fedora, which is now my ‘lucky” poker hat. The first game I played was “Texas Hold Em’ ”. I was somewhat of a noob-ish player, though I did win a few rounds. A nice man who was wearing a hearing aid helped me ALOT. I was having a good time until this guy wearing a pirate costume, complete with an eye patch and 2 parrots (one on each shoulder), walked up. He was wearing mascara, which was really weird, but funny. However, in contrast to his “funny” appearance he was a very serious and skilled player, and won about 5 rounds in a row. When the 6th round started I left the table, thoroughly beaten and almost out of chips.
I moved over to a “Blackjack” table and won back as many chips as I had lost at “Texas Hold Em’ ”. Now I was feeling lucky again, so I went back to the earlier mentioned table. The Pirate man was still “cleaning the table” when I came back. After playing a few rounds I soon had lost almost all of my chips (again). To continue I had to bet all my remaining chips in (this is also called going “all in”) and everyone at the table folded (this means they forfeited) except for the pirate. I thought for sure that I was finished. I figured I would need a “full house” to insure a victory. At this point if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please go read a book on card games. I already had an ace and a jack. There was an ace and jack on the table. “Give me an ace!!”I prayed. But the dealer put down an eight. There was one card left to play. The dealer set it on the table. It was an ace! I had won the round! This was my biggest poker victory ever!

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